About Us

The Pruden Center for Industry & Technology is a regional public school serving Isle of Wight County and Suffolk City schools. The Center provides career and technical education to high school students in both divisions. Students who attend Lakeland, Nansemond River, King’s Fork, Smithfield, or Windsor high schools are eligible to register for programs at The Pruden Center as part of their free public education experience and can earn elective credit toward high school education.

The Pruden Center’s programs are taught on a three-hour block schedule. In some programs, it is possible to earn verified credits toward graduation by successfully passing industry or state certification/licensure exams.

Each of The Center’s sixteen instructional programs is designed to prepare students for the next phase of career development. For some students, it means entry-level employment after high school. For most students, it means continued education at the post-secondary level. Whether the student is interested in a four-year university, a community college, a technical or trade school, or an apprenticeship, The Pruden Center can be a valuable first step for students in preparation for the careers of their choice.